Thrive in Your Place of Purpose, Prominence, and Prosperity
A Lot Can Happen in Just One Moment
Are you ready to Thrive?

I’m here to transform audiences. The stage is where I come alive and connect with you.

I empower and train today’s leaders, entrepreneurs, and maturing women to live purposefully and lead consciously.

I create custom experiences that will leave your audience inspired and ready to make a positive change in their lives and the work they do.

Speaking Topics

Envision, Align, Execute: Finding Your Way to a Future You Love
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Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, Results

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Launching While Working: Starting a Biz While Working Full-time

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Winning as the Modern Day Mom: Marriage, Motherhood, Mindset

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Get Your ShiFt Together: Know Who You Are and Amplify Your Brilliance

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The Other “F” Word – Fear Factor

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Types of Talks and Presentations

Keynotes, Seminars/Workshops, Breakout sessions, and Panel discussions.

Valerie’s Speaker Bio

Valerie Ashford Brown guides transformation in organizational culture and lives with effective leadership development, coaching, and consulting. She partners with clients to provide tailored consultation and coaching approaches to understand their needs and necessary shifts. She transitions high-achieving women from a place of overwhelm to a place of overjoy so they can start living and stop merely existing. She supports maturing women as they transition from where they are now, to where they desire to BE! She embodies the phrase the “The Shift Strategist” because she assist women as they get out of their own way and thrive by gaining clarity, confidence, and courage through personal development, tools, and resources!
With a similar story to those she supports, her purpose is to partner with clients in discovering their passions and living out their unique talents and gifts; identifying and eliminating obstacles and roadblocks to their success. With her support, clients find the motivation they need to live intentional and authentic lives. She employs her corporate background and principles to educate women on how to implement effective change in their lives’, so they can reach their fullest potential; and be their greatest and highest self. She teaches women to create multiple streams of income, master work-life integration, and knows the challenges of launching a business while working full-time. She’s an inspiration in her community and embodies transformation. Her messages serve as a catalyst for strengthening self-esteem, self-value, faith, taking stock of priorities, and courage as she trains maturing women how to figure out their next steps. Valerie is a dynamic speaker with a message to empower and inspire all audiences.