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Ready for a Career Change or Enhancement? It’s Your Time!
You’re confident in who you are and what you can do; you know yourself. And you know that right now, something isn’t right. You’re out of alignment professionally. Whether it’s work/life integration, a dead-end job or golden handcuffs, you feel like you’re in the wrong place.

You probably had different financial circumstances at age 25 than you do now; you may have outgrown the job you had and are looking to transfer those skills to a new field.  Or did you take the wrong job when you were younger, and now you’re looking to move on from it? Perhaps becoming a parent has changed your professional priorities? These are all reasons that clients come to us.

How Can We Assist Your Career Transition? 
We understand the specific nuances of rethinking a career, and apply a proven method for your decision making during this time. We have experience working with individuals who have successfully changed careers, understand the modern challenges of dual (or single) income homes, the challenges balancing child care, work, a commute, and young children. We even have a story similar to those we support as we have gone from being a Chief Home Engineer to a career as a Management Consultant, and then changing positions again in mid-life.

Whether you’re returning to work after having a child, or rethinking your career so that it better aligns with your values and interests, we guide you through active choices to determine what is best for you at this stage of your life.

Our career coach listens to what you want, ask insightful questions so that you can get in touch with your own desires, as you focus on an employment situation that gives you greater professional and personal satisfaction. You will gain clarity, confidence, and courage for your next chapter. 

Why You Should Work with A Career Coach?
Our career coach seeks to empower you to break free from limiting beliefs and champion you to create new options. You’ll see opportunity, possibility and feel the momentum you need to pursue career change. We not only guide you to a better fitting job, but challenge you to cultivate a success mindset, while teaching you strategic goal setting. You will accelerate your current career, or go after something bigger. We hold you accountable, on a week-to-week basis, assisting you with your job search like a real project manager while you increase your visibility and chase your purpose.

Let’s Design a Strategy
Working to Get You on Track
Let’s spend 75 minutes together getting you where you want to be

We will:

  • Review your finances to determine which direction to take
  • Carve out the time and space to work
  • Review past ambitions/desires and compare/contrast to present work life
  • Complete Whole Life Assessment
  • Get ready for next steps
  • Create short, medium and long-term career action plans
  • Start a business or help you find new opportunities within your existing company
  • Access to networking with other like-minded women
  • Gain closure with your existing career
  • Distinguish between profession and passion; career and hobby

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